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Sie and Du -yet again!

On the basis of my extremely rigorous and statistically valid study (ok, two people) the consensus seems to be that the best reason NOT to get rid of Sie from the German language (like that’s an option!) and not using first names when you first meet someone is because it can be useful in case you wish to disagree or confront them in an unfriendly manner at some point in the future. e.g. a mechanic who has broken your car instead of fixing it, or a politician breaking a promise -yes, yes, I know – that never happens….

You can then say things like Sie ist ein Fucking Kakakopf or something like that. Now, I realise I am pretty much totally ignorant about these things but I am guessing that if you say Du ist ein fucking kakakopf to a German it has pretty much the same effect as saying Sie ist ein fucking kakakopf, right?

Click here for some examples of phrases you can use to start an argument in German.

In English, first names or formal titles have absolutely no bearing on the things you can say  to argue or disagree with someone. Yes, there is a need to keep a symbolic formal distance in some circumstances e.g. parent / teacher and patient/doctor, but this can be achieved on the basis of Mr. Mrs, Dr. etc.surname. There is no need to complicate it any further. Next argument for keeping Sie?

I would like to acknowledge my children’s invaluable advice on the difference between poohead and shithead.