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Folk Music cool double hand clapping

I like folk music. Often  people clap along at a live gig. I get it, it’s fun, but it’s also sometimes just a bit granny. For a little bit of effort, if enough people get involved, you can change a mundane hand clap into a great part of the music.

Listen to this recording of Broom Bezzums playing live at Radio Eins, Berlin. Slide the play bar to listen at time 24:17 to 24:42 and you will hear what a difference the double clap can make.

All you need to do is clap “opposite” people who are already clapping. The easiest way to do this is clap twice as fast, using one soft and one hard clap. This does need some rhythm, it it not simply clapping twice as fast; it’s more of a bounce 1-2, 1-2, 1-2 etc.

Try it at home first with a recording so you don’t screw up the timing at a real gig!