A crone for halloween

To the average Germ I probably sound like an old baby trying to speak. If I am lucky, I might remember enough words to formulate a bedraggled sentence -which if it makes any sense at all, proabably means something completely different to what I’m trying to say anyway…

I was waiting in the queue to buy bread today. The wrinkly old crone in front of me paid and was packing her bag. The proprietor looks at me since I am next, I cant think of the words..

– ehh… – I say…

The old crone looks at me and goes Ehh!, Ehhh!! and then blabbers some crap -most likely about my lack of gumption. I had to laugh.

Ich spreke kein deutsch I say.  From the look on her face, I don’t think she expected that; then again, maybe the look on her face was: no shit, dumass!




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