More complaining: Stupid fishing stuff.

You would think  there might be a bit of difference in aspects of fish diet between an Island country and a mainly landlocked country such as Germany. And you would be right. Bivalves are generally called mussels (muscheln)  here -nevermind if it is not a mussel but actually a clam or an oyster -its still a muscheln in Germany. And just about the only sea fish you can find is something called sea-lachs. Lachs is salmon and trout is a salmonoid. So, I figured, see-lachs must be sea trout, right? Wrong again, -stupid auslander. See-lachs is coley -one of the shittest tasting fish in the sea. It’s not white, but a sort of pollution grey colour. It has nothing to do with lachs, it was a bullshit name dreamt up by some dickhead marketing guru. But it worked since Germs now buy 25% of the worldwide catch. Coley is actually one of the two species of pollack; sadly it’s the other one which actually tastes nice. l  suppose it tastes nicer than carp at least… Oh yes, just because it’s traditional to eat carp doesn’t mean it actually tastes nice. It’s termed a coarse fish for a very good reason and island nations don’t eat it  -I could go into further detail but it’s basically because it’s a bottom feeder that eats shit -and it tastes like it.


Since I’m ranting about fish today, I see no reason to stop there; as someone who has fished since childhood, I feel obliged to say that Germany has implemented recreational angling in the most inane way possible. So you wanna take your kids fishing auslander? Well, then you have to  graduate from an angling school and join an angling club, then you can fish on the property where that club is allowed. Oh, is that all? well no actually.

In other countries anyone can just go to the sea and start fishing,  you don’t need a license. In other countries kids don’t need an angling license for coarse fish. In other countries, you are encouraged to throw fish back. Well, this isn’t other countries bucko!

Here, if you catch a fish you have to kill it. Why? I’ll tell you why: how else would you practice the mandatory fish execution skills which you were trained and certified for at fishing school? catch and release is considered inhumane so you have to put a spike in it…  If I were a fish, I’m pretty sure I would disagree.

If they were to apply this policy across the board using the logical thinking Germany is famed for, no commercially caught fish would be allowed in supermarkets since they all die slowly in air. It’s total bollocks and complete hyprocicy but it’s another rule to bash you with and that’s what matters right? In Germany, if there is a choice between logic and a rules, the rules win -even if they are fucking stupid.

I feel sorry for the poor kids, the powers that be are doing their best to legislate all the fun out of childhood, it’s not a wonder so many adults seem miserable. Me? I was born that way but stupid rules help me remember to stay that way.

heaven knows i m miserable now

It strikes me that it is actually quite fun to bitch and moan about things sometimes but the problems start when people take it up as a lifestyle choice. Then it becomes ingrained to your personality and you don’t know when to stop or you can’t stop. When this happens it makes you and everyone around you miserable.

Whether a family or a nation, when a rigid fixation on adherence to minor rules or standards of behaviour or even just implied standards of behaviour is the norm, and where not falling strictly into line and obeying without question, results in being bitched at by friends and strangers alike,  it seems quite obvious to me that the people living under these conditions will be more stressed and less happy than they could, or need to be.