Holy Shit!

School break: we  left the kids with opa and took a trip to Strasbourg.

It was about 10pm in the old town.  A middle aged drunk with a bimbo on each arm stumbled around the corrner.  He glanced up:  “holy fucking shit!” he shouted.

There are so many tall buildings and the street it’s on is so short, you don’t know it is there until you turn the corner and BOOM! right in your face; amazing.

We had been inside earlier in the day. To the right, barred to the crowds, lies a smaller church. Through the bars you can see a very old, painted wooden statue. The sculpture is unremarkable – except for the expression on the face -it totally blew me away.

mary2                mary2

Recovery from this near religious experience entailed drinking lots of neu wein since luckily, opa lives on the wein straße and it’s harvest time. 4.5 abv, cloudy but fizzy. -goes down a treat with the French equivalent of stilton.