A mugful of Irony

An Irishman moves to Germany, a country famed for exceedingly cheap, excellent beer  – then discovers he is gluten intolerant and can’t drink any of it.

So he looks for some crappy (rice) beer he  can actually drink and finds the only auslander beer in the shop is some disgusting Irish piss lager with a name in the vein of  Begorrah Leprechaun MacO’Paddy.

Ireland is brilliant at making stout but they don’t have a fucking clue about lager- to paraphrase Carlsberg: “the worst lager in the world -probably”.

Satre was wrong, Hell is not other people, hell is a beer lover surrounded by beer he can’t drink  (ok, possibly an alcoholic).

-as the bloke in the Murphy’s ad say’s “I’m not bitter.”


the hell I’m not!