Sour Cream

Fajitas for dinner -yum!

Now  – if you went into a shop and bought sour cream you would be pretty confident you would actually have some nice, tasty sour cream to put on your fajitas when you sat down to dinner, right? Well that’s where you’d be wrong mein kleine Pendejo. You would actually have some kind of plasticky gloop to put on them.

My son’s favourite excuse is: “when I said yes, I actually meant no“.  Well this is a bit like that: It says sour cream but it’s not actually sour cream. You put Schmand on fajitas. Pendejo.

Dammit, this is really important. We’re in Germany right? someone should make a law against sour cream impersonation.

I don’t know what this is. I think it’s supposed to be a fajita or a burrito, but it looks like something the dog’s brought up -looks like German sour cream on top too…