Fisherman’s Friends

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Ok, I speak as much German as the Banjo picking boy from Deliverance but nevertheless a metamorphis of sorts has begun: I sucked a Fisherman’s Friend today and I didn’t even have a cold.

I just re-read that sentence and realised it sounds like a gay euphimism. Granted, this particular Fisherman’s Friend was tropical fruit not the traditional disgusting flavour – this is getting worse, yes, I sucked a fruity fishermans friend. Anyway, there are about fifty million different flavours of these here and they are sold beside the checkout in racks beside the cigarettes. I don’t even know if Germs use them for phlegm and catarrh but they definitely eat them like sweets.

In the UK  you see these pastilles, ignored and dusty, in a dark little corner of the chemists but here they are given pride of place by the supermarket checkout -what a difference- the packages are even dressed up in bright and merry pastel colours – well there is still the drawing of a sinking fishing trawler but at least the background colours are merry.