It’s hot!

Phew! its hot here, 32C today.

Another feature of German living: it is important to know the inside and outside temperatures at all times.

In the UK, it’s normally not really hot or cold so you don’t worry about it. If you guessed rain without looking out the window, you would probably be right.

Aber, in der Farterland not so simple – the diktat: vorsprung durch technik (advancement through technology) is an unwritten rule of life here.

Consequently Aldi, Lidl and every shop in Germany sells inside/outside wireless weather stations. And consequently, in order to be prepared, organised and appropriately attired to step outside, as all good Germans are, every home must have a wireless inside/outside thermometer -sometimes two. Hell sometimes three or four -sometimes one in every room in the house!

Lidl weather station (disclaimer: not an endorsement)