Ok, time to compare

It’ s been 5 months now, lets compare the pros and cons:

Germany: a carnivore’s paradise, clean streets, minimal public drunkenness, proper cycle paths, cheap beer, everyone eats cake at 4pm. Snow in winter, sun in summer, a decent bit sea and coastline but only in the north, you’re only allowed ten BBQ a year or you get in trouble with the stasi, many pretty streets with various house styles, no pebble-dash, people say what they mean, small talk discouraged, grossly excessive attention paid to asparagus.

Wales: public drunkeness (e.g. St Mary St on friday nights), dirty streets, crap painted cycle paths on roasd (not the barrage, that’s excellent), everyone eats cake whenever they feel like it, snow occasionally, sun occasionally, a huge coastline of beautiful beaches, as many BBQ’s as you want, lots of ugly, pebbledash housing, vegetarain food available but asparagus not worshipped, people often beat around the bush, small talk mandatory.

hmm, seems about even so far….