Britain is not in the EU -apparently

I visited the local vehicle test centre with the campervan today. Having spent the last few weeks installing new headlights and foglights and making it generally neat and tidy, I thought there was nothing more I could do to prepare it for the test.

I didn’t expect it to sail through, but I certainly didn’t expect an outright refusal to test it. According to the proprietor, since it is a U.K. reg van it cannot be tested since Britain is not in the EU and the proof of this is they don’t use the Euro.

Now, I do my own work on cars and I have always thought that, despite the popular opinion that mechanics are a bunch of dumbasses, it requires a modicum of brainpower to diagnose problems and repair them safely.

Thanks for bursting my bubble Herr Mechanic.



Graffitti on the Bürgerbus

Notice on board outside kids school: €200-00 reward for information on perpetrator of this heinous crime.

No, it’s not the local B&Q burger van that’s been sprayed, it’s the peoples bus (and a Bürgermeister is a mayor,  not someone who is really good at making burgers).

Update: I have been corrected on the pronunciation of bürgerbus, its actually pronounced boogerbus. The kids cracked up laughing when they heard this – to stern looks from the correcter.


Disgusting name calling

Much to their enjoyment, my kids can now curse in two languages and even better, call me rude names without me realising it.

Ekelhaft schwein-kaka-kopf is their latest: disgusting pig shithead... nice…

Or, is that disgusting pigshit head?

Fair play to them though, I would use it too if I were a kid; I may even use it as an adult;-)