Ausländer: outsider, foreigner.

I  admit the following opinion is totally unreasonable since ausländer is an official German word.

I find I am unnerved by the term ‘ausländer’. I heard the words ausländer’ and ‘spreche kein Deutsch’ today as I walked past some parents at the local school.

Ausländer, to my ears, sounds like aggressive, like “get out of my land”.  Unlike the English word foreigner, it does not only mean foreigner, it also means outsider, someone who does not ‘fit in’ socially or who is not socially accepted or ‘not one of us’. Why does it have to be used when (according to the dictionary) the nicer sounding word ‘fremde’ is available?

This  can’t really be true, can it? according to an online dictionary, the word ausländer only dates from 1936 (when Hitler was contributing to standards of eitequette).  click here to see it

In Ireland,  the term ‘blow in’ was a popular derogative term for emigrants returning to Ireland during the wealthy ‘Celtic Tiger’ years. You don’t hear it much now that everyone is leaving again -schadenfreude -now that’s a good German word.