No school assembly and an argument about God stumped by a 7 year old

The 7 year old arrives home from school to announce that there are some things about the school he does like, such as no assemblies.

“Why didn’t you like school assemblies in Wales?”

“They always talk about God and stuff like that”

“Whats wrong with talking about God?”

“Well they always try to make you think there is a God at assembly, that’s why all the other children think there is a God.”

“No, maybe they think that because their parents believe in God.”

“No, your parents believed in God and you don’t.”

“Well maybe I’m agnostic and don’t know if there is one.”

“That means you believe in God.”

“Huh ? ! ”

“What makes you say that?”

“Whats the opposite of not believing?”


“Right, and since you don’t not believe, that means you believe.”

He is seven years old, how the hell has he learned to bend logic and argue like George Bush Jr? -actually I’ll just look at it from the other perspective: bush has the mentality of a seven year old…