Manipulative children

its the first really nice day here, 21c and sunny, -it was -5 last week.

Tons more garden birds than where we lived in Wales. Lots of sparrows, woodpeckers in tree next door, jays. A pack of Cranes riding thermals overhead -really nice.

Kids cycling in the garden teasing and winding each other up on their (ebay) new bikes. The youngest was around the side of the house and didn’t see me watching as he carefully put his bike down and lay on the ground beside it, then started calling out in apparent distress that his brother had crashed into him.

I just had to spray gold xmas decoration paint on his bike since he refused to ride a bike with pink highlights to school. He obviously hasn’t cottoned on that two down tubes make it a girl’s bike -the joke’s on him (yes, I am a mean, cruel dad).

Update: he now has a new bike:-)